Burak Ozcivit Real Life and a Short Biography

Burak Ozcivit in his rela life and his Biography

In Turkish cinema, there have been many cases where a model turned into movie stars. In turkey, for the actors, good look is the primary thing to be casted in movies rather than artistic quality. Because the moviegoers interest was only in good look in turkey. Following this trend, Turkish amateurs filmmakers started to look young people who had got good look to star in their movies. Producers arranged model contests to recruit new actors without any drama education. With the time, for this trend became a tradition for commercial Turkish filmmaking to produce scripts, costumes, motion pictures and actors. That’s why many movies celebrities had no drama education.

Turkish TV also adopted the cinema tradition, and the producers who were showing their serials to general public that include anyone and everyone watching the television started to recruited people from every background like cinema actors, famous singers, graduates of public, private arts academies and schools. That’s why producers always reserve empty seats for good looking actors and preferably a couple to get audience’s attention to their show. The rise of the Turkish TV dramas owes much to these model contests selection type criteria.

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In the present era, two model contests “Best Model of Turkey” and “Best Model of the World” provided male and female leading actors to the Turkish television. Contests winner of 1997, Kenan Imirzalioglu, Kivanç Tatlitug (2002 winner) and Burak Ozcivit (2005 winner) have been ruling the television industry for many years. One out of these three series described above, Ozcivit played a role of Osman Ghazi. He was the founder of Ottoman State. In first two season he swept the ratings successfully and the 3rd season is going to start in September 2021.

Early life:

His birth place was Istanbul and the date when he took birth was 24 December 1984. He was born in middle class family. Basically his family was from Gaziantep province, southeastern part of turkey. He has a sister named Burçun Deniz. He was married in 2017 to TV drama celebrity Fahriye Evcen. They have one son named Karan

Burak  Ozcivit has done his graduation in photography from photography department of the Marmara University. He contested 2 times the “Best Model of Turkey” contest that change his life completely. First time he joined this contest in 2003 and won promising model prize and, the second time in 2005, he won the best male model prize. After the first prize he started to work for a modeling agency but it didn’t worked much for his career. It was the second prize who actually helped him to rise to fame. He has worked as model and also been a face of many fashion brands.

Joining The Television:

Burak Ozcivit debuted in in television in 2006, and it was crime series named “Eksi 18” that means “Minus 18” in English version. This series was just nine episodes long. His second TV serial was “Zoraki Koca”, “Accidental Husband” in 2007. It was directed by Turkish actor and director Kartal Tibet. It was romantic comedy series where Ozcivit played a playboy role who accidentally fell in love, and this serial was 26 episode long.

He also did movies, and one of them was “Musallat”, “Haunted” which was his big hunt. It was a horror movie enjoyed about 2 million people. But from his role in “Küçük Sirlar”, “Little Secrets” he gain his real fame.

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He also got some classes to furnish his acting skills. Another TV serial, named Muhtesem Yüzyil also pronounced the Magnificent Century in English proved the great opportunity to get his hand in historical character. He played a role of a historical and heroic figure of the 16th century as Malkoçoglu Bali Bey. It paved his way to his success as Osman Ghazi in “Kurulus Osman”.

The Ottoman:

Burak Ozcivit has got to play a lead role in Kurulus Osman as Osman Ghazi. Its 3rd season is expected to release this September, This serial is all about the historical events that happened during the creation of Ottoman State at the end of the 13th century.

According to the historians, Osman Ghazi also known as Osman I was the founding father of Ottoman State. He was a great warrior, a convincing politition, and a visionary man. He inherited a beylik from his father Ertugrul Ghazi at Seljuk-Byzantine empire borders area. Some of his life’s event was portrayed in the drama “Dirilis Ertugrul” (“Resurrection Ertugrul”) in 2014-2019 TV series. Osman Ghazi left well established state to his son Orhan I.

Making Peace With Christians:

Osman always choose to apply simple strategy at war but his strategies were always hard to apply in those complex situation of the border area. But these complex situations helped him to get strong his beylik and to gain more and more territories. But the most important and significant thing in his preference was to avoid wars. When he reconquered Nicaea, he gained fame all over the Muslim and non-Muslim world. Osman was very good at making peace. He made a peace in conquered lands by reducing taxes on the Christians. After the conquests, Christians remained in their lands for many years and cultivated their lands by paying taxes on those lands.

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Osman I knew how to win the heart of the people. That’s how, he won the people’s heart whom lands were conquered by the sword. He never took them as the enemy after winning the war. According to the historians, after conquest of the lands by the hand of Osman Ghazi, they became richer as compared to the times of Byzantine landlords. In short, the second Sultan of the Seljuk Empire, Alp Arslan, opened Anatolia for the Turks, but Osman Ghazi was the leader who owns Anatolia’s soil.

Burak Ozcivit successfully portrayed the story of Osman Ghazi in “Kurulus Osman”, the viewer’s witness how Osman Ghazi fought the powerful Mongol and Byzantine Empires.

No doubt, this series was the success in Turkey but it also attracted the foreign viewers.  To reach out to the millions of the series lover it is being aired in many countries including, Bosnia Herzegovina, Indonesia and Pakistan.


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