Barbaroslar Episode 3 Urdu & English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 3 Urdu & English Subtitles
Barbaroslar Episode 3 Urdu & English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 2 Review:

You are watching Barbaroslar Episode 3 Urdu & English Subtitles. In Barbaroslar Episode 2, with Ishaq, Poseidon return to his boat. Radko starts investigation and he was very angry to his soldiers. As we know, Pietro is very clever like a fox. He was thinking something out of the box. Radko told Pietro that his soldiers saw that man going after the Prince Murad. Suddenly, Prince Murad came in his mind. He thought there is something else which is covered up by this blast and he warned Radko that he should keep an eye on Prince Murad. Then, Pietro asked Prince Murad that he might know something about that man? Prince Murad said he wanted to capture him and may be his uncle had sent him. He also told him that he took his neckband. Then Murad told Pietro about the shape of that neckband and Pietro drew that shape. Pietro thought that the jewelry, Khizir took, could be very important. He wrote a letter to the Pop and aware him about the incident and also sent him the drawing of that neckband. He assured him that he would treasure soon.

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After reaching on the boat, Khizir and Zeynab started to talk. At first, Zeynab thinks Khizir is an evil man. But then she slows down her anger and told Khizir her name. She told him that she’s here for medicine and she run an orphanage. She told him that she need to reach Alexandria as soon as possible.

When Khizir returned back to Lesbos, he went straight to Suleiman to show him the jewelry he snatched from Prince Murad. He gave jewelry to Suleiman to hide that on secure place. But Suleiman knew what happened on Kalymnos and refuse to take that. Suleiman asked Khizir to keep that jewelry. First, he resist that but then he accepted Suleiman’s request. Then Khizir goes to meet Ishaq in his home. There he knew that his brother’s family got killed. There he found a note left by Poseidon. After funeral and burying the dead, Khizir went to Suleiman in his library and started to make a plan for freeing his brother and taking revenge from Poseidon.

While Oruj and Ilyas was in meeting with Isabel for new journey, they got a news about their brother Ishaq. Oruj had the feeling of sadness and revenge to hear that. Isabel helped him to discover Poseidon’s location and she also gave him one of Unita’s boats to raid Poseidon. Oruj get back home to to tell Despina that he’s going to the ocean again for the new mission. He do not tell Despina about Ishaq and his family because he did not want her to get sad. Despina got awkward to hear that and she get angry on Isabel for sending him on new mission too early. When Oruj hugs Despina to say farewell, he discovers that she is pregnant. You are watching Barbaroslar Episode 3 Urdu & English Subtitles.

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Isabel went to meet his father to discuss about the Motel and show him the account book. Sylvio was very angry with his daughter for giving Unita’s boat to Oruj without Unita’s consent. Isabel told his father that she’s aware of the risk of doing that and if anything happened she would assume full responsibility.

Radko was having a look on the cliff where Khizir and Zeynab jumped of, there he found one of Giovanni’s medication bottle. He thought that Giovanni was involved in the blast and he was helping the Muslims. He arrested him and started to investigate him. He beat him violently to open his mouth but he said he know nothing about the blast and Zeynab was only here for medicine. He said she is a good girl and cannot do such things.

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While listening the Asiye, Despina got angry and ran towards the Motel for a word to Isabel. There, she threatened Isabel to keep distance from Oruj. While leaving the hotel, she got sick and fell on the ground. Isabel and Asiye took her to the home but she was bleeding badly. Asiye told Isabel that she is pregnant. She asked Isabel that we should abort her because she has lost too much blood. If we do not abort then both, mother and child could die. Isabel resist and had got fearful thoughts of Oruj.

A new man named Dervish was walking on the market. A thug snatches his purse. He followed him and caught him. Instead punishing him, he gave him some cash. Pietro visited Alexandria and goes to Sylvio’s office. Pietro advised him to be more cautious. There he became to know about Zeynab that she belongs to Alexandria and ran an Orphanage.

Humza, who’s father was murdered by Pietro, was running in the market. There Dervish saw him and asked him what happened. But he fell down in a swoon. Dervish took him to the Orphanage where he handed him over to the Zeynab. While taking care of Humza, Zeynab told Dervish about her journey to the Kalymnos. Dervish seemed entrusted and asked Zeynab for more detail. Then Zeynab told him everything that happened there. When Zeynab was saying farewell to the Dervish on the gate of Orphanage, there Pietro saw them and began to think the relation. You are watching Barbaroslar Episode 3 Urdu & English Subtitles.

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Khizir and Niko guessed the location of Poseidon and departed after them. They tried to reach there before Oruj and Ilyas. Because they wanted to destroy any deceptive move that Poseidon laid down for Oruj. They achieved their goal and reached there before Oruj and Ilyas. They laid down a scheme to rescue Ishaq. You are watching Barbaroslar Episode 3 Urdu & English Subtitles.

Oruj entered in the cavern and found Ishaq. There Poseidon and Oruj became face to face to fight. Meanwhile, Poseidon’s soldiers captured Khizir and asked Oruj to surrender. Oruj was upset from this move but Khizir gave him sign that everything going to be ok. Oruj got that Khizir has got a plan and his arrest was according to his plan. Niko executed Khizir’s plan by sting fire in the cavern. By this fire, Bats in the cavern flew and Poseidon’s men got upset. Oruj, Khizir and Ilyas attacked on them. They killed each and every men of Poseidon and rescue Ishaq. Poseidon tried to run away the cavern but Oruj captured him and offer his brother, Ishaq, to kill him. Finally, Ishaq took his revenge and killed him.

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