Barbaroslar Episode 2 Urdu & English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 2 Urdu & English Subtitles
Barbaroslar Episode 2 Urdu & English Subtitles

Rescue of Andalusian Muslims

You are watching Barbaroslar Episode 2 Urdu & English Subtitles. Sultan Selim I and Barbarossa had a discussion on the condition of Andalusian Muslim and how the oppression and terror was being done by the Spanish Inquisition. They decided to rescue them. For that purpose, Barbarossa sailed to fight crusader army and to rescue Andalusian Muslim. He sailed from east in Turkey to west in Andalusia for the mission. The Crusader armies include Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and the ships of St. John

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With the great courage and battle skills, he was able to penetrate in the fortresses and dock his ships safely. He attacked the Spanish garrison protecting the city. After he entered in the streat and had a great fight there. Finally he raised Islam banner on the castle. Barbarossa did not let them escape the Catholic priests. Because they knew the places where Muslims were being tortured in torture cells. The churches got surprised by his move.

Barbarossa took precautionary measure to transfer Muslims from the dark prison cells. He waited until sunset because the prisoners were in dark cells for years and they could become blind if thy come suddenly in sunlight. After the sunset, prisoners were transferred to Islamic ships.

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He planned to complete the operation that should not last more than 6 hours and before the arrival of supplies because the neighboring cities could send the army to help the Crusaders. He sailed back to Algeria under the darkness. On the way back, he paralyzed enemy’s naval movement. Actually they had to return to Turkey but Barbaross new that they would predict this. To deceive them he returned to Algeria. And there was another reason to return to Algeria was to treat the prisoners as soon as possible.

Round about 70,000 Andalusian Muslims were rescued and transported to Algeria. It was done in the year 1529 and in seven voyages and a fleet of 36 ships was used in that.

Barbarossa summoned in Istanbul

When Sultan Selim I died, Sultan Suleiman who was also known as the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent succeeded him and summoned the Barbarossa to Istanbul. He provided him the men and weapons that he needed. He ordered him to supervise the construction of new ships and made him the in charge of his naval fleet. He assigned him the task to make the Tunisia under control of Ottoman Empire. It was ruled by the Hafsid state at that time and strategically it was very important state back then.

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He sailed with 8,000 soldiers with the fleet of ships to attack Tunisia. In 1534 succeeded in his mission. He seized it and after that declared the rule of Ottoman Empire.

The news of his achievement speeded and The Spanish King Charles V prepared a campaign against him. He decided to take revenge of Barbarossa’s attack on the Spanish coast and Tunisia’s victory. To stop him to move further, Spanish King Charles V seized Tunisia in the same year.

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Barbarossa was very cleaver person. He surprised his enemies by his response. He raided Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean. Round about 6,000 Spaniards were captured by him in that raid. Barbarossa brought them to the Algeria.  This alarming news for the crusaders reached Rome when they were celebrating the capture of Tunisia. You are watching Barbaroslar Episode 2 Urdu & English Subtitles.


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