Barbaroslar Episode 1 Urdu & English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 1 Urdu & English Subtitles
Barbaroslar Episode 1 Urdu & English Subtitles

You are watching Barbaroslar Episode 1 Urdu & English Subtitles. The hero of the Ottoman naval commander “Khair al-Din Barbarossa” forgotten and buried in books for long time. It was due to our ignorance. But the main reason was Western historians. They tried to destroy this hero by exposure to slander, distortion and falsification.

If you imagine the character of Barbaross there would be an ugly man with a red beard, one eye and a wooden foot that appeared in Hollywood film. Yes, you guess the right, it is Pirates of the Caribbean. In this movie, they tried to showcase Barbaross in a brutal and bloody way.

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The reality is that Khair al-Din was not on the ship to the sea for some worthless buried treasure but something more valuable and priceless and that was to rescue the weak Muslims and to fight brutal enemies who were slaughtering the innocents.

Who Was Barbaross?

His nickname is Khair al-Din Barbaros and the real name is Khidir ibn Ya’qub. He borned on one of the Greek island called Lesbos. His father was in a janissary squad of Ottoman infantry. This Ottoman squad was the best squad at that time known for their strength. He was from Vardar. And his mother was Christian and her name was Catalina. First she was married to a priest and after his death she married to the Barbaross’s father. Barbaross had got four brothers Ishaq, Aruj, Elias, and Muhammad.

You are watching Barbaroslar Episode 1 Urdu & English Subtitles

Aruj and barbarossa were Christians but then with the help of Allah, they endured Islam. When they were taking down and the Christian ships, capturing and selling the passengers and navigators as slaves, they met Sultan Muhammad al-Hafsi in Tunisia. Then brothers actioned against pirates of Saint “John” who were on the island of Rhodes.

Elias got martyred in a battle and Aruj was captured in Rhodes. But he managed to get fled to Italy. From there he went to Egypt. There he met Sultan “Qansuh al-Ghouri”. Sultan Qansuh al-Ghouri was struggling to send his fleet to India to fight the Portuguese and ask Aruj to work with his soldiers to liberate the Mediterranean islands from European pirates.

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After capturing the 3 boats, he started to operate in western Mediterranean and stationed his fleet on Tunisian island of Djerba. From 1504 to 1510, he continued to rescue Muslims from Andalusia to North Africa. He liberated as well as Tlemcen from brutal Spanish’s. This struggle to rescue Muslims made him famous.

After conquering the Algeria, he declared himself the ruler of this piece of land. With this power and confidence, he became able to throughout the Spaniards from coasts. The he annexed Egypt to his state. After that sent Sultan Selim I his allegiance to the Ottoman Empire.

Barbarossa Succession

Spaniards re-grouped and prepared a campaign to fight Aruj to regain control of lost territory. They gathered round about 15,000 fighters to fight. They managed to penetrate Algeria and Tlemcen. Arouj was captured and killed in August 1518. After him, his younger brother succeeded to became the governor of Algeria.

You are watching Barbaroslar Episode 1 Urdu & English Subtitles

Sultan Selim I understood the situation that the strength of soldiers against Spaniards was too less so he provided him force of artillery and 2000 strong Janissary soldiers.

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